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Mountain Top:

I fight back the thoughts, sometimes the lies consume me.

Anxiety, heavy breathing, a prison, I need healing.

Why do I let my emotions control me?

Why do I let my mind run free?

I need to realign myself with the one who gave His life sacrificially.

Life so is hard, so many lows.

Through the valleys He walks with me, He will never let me go.

He continues to grow me, sculpt me, into all He created me to be.

My purpose…is for Him, The enemy will not rob me of my destiny.

I claw my way up, trying to get back on the mountain top.

When I reach it, I never want off.

Jesus’s love embraces me, I truly understand the cross.

Unconditional love is His truth and what earth has lost.

I hold onto that feeling, I’ve never experienced anything more real.

Jesus is pure joy, mystery and zeal.

Eventually I fall, because that’s what sinful humans do.

God's grace and mercy abounds me, His word declares it true.

I enter back into a valley, trying to understand the lesson along the way.

Jesus by my side, He is my saving grace.

The lies from the enemy, have no hold on me.

I turn to the lamb, who poured His blood out for me.

I keep my eyes to the mountain top, I’ll reach it once again.

His promises I hold in my heart, until the very end.

I thank Him for it all, the good times and the bad.

God fights all my battles, I can rejoice and be glad.

Because of what He has brought me through, I no longer sink in quick sand.

I keep my heart fixed on the Father and eternity in the promised land.

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