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Confessions of a Control Freak

One of the major faults in my life is giving up control. I want to control just about every aspect of my life. It is apart of my personality in the sense that I am driven, fast paced, concentrated and focused, excited and energetic and to the point. The leader/validator in me likes to take charge and solve every problem myself. I rarely ask for help because I don't want my problems to be someone else's burden.

My friend Natalie posted a sermon by Pastor Steven Furtick called "Taking Control Of Your Mind" and it was exactly what I needed to hear this morning. This is why community in Christ is so important because us women sharpen each other in Gods Word and I love it SO much! It was the lightbulb I needed! So many times I turn to God with questions because I need answers and do not always feel like I am hearing from Him fast enough. But what if I am asking the wrong questions?

How do you hear from God? By asking questions, right? God controls the flow of information. He tells you what He wants you to know. If He does not give you an answer, ask Him a better question. When I am frustrated or in a situation that feels out of my control I turn to God. I usually ask God - What is wrong with me? - or - What is wrong with them? - How can I solve this problem? But you see, I am asking the WRONG question. I have realized those are the worst questions I could possibly ask. Those questions are dangerous because they attract the devil who has a million answers on a list. Answers that create doubt and answers that get me off track and lose focus. The enemy wants to tell you all the "things" that are wrong with you, or them, and is waiting at the chance to penetrate your mind with negativity and attack the areas you feel most vulnerable. The questions we ask direct the integrity of our thoughts.

If you are waiting for an answer in your life right now and if He hasn’t answered your question, ask a better question. Lets look at Exodus 4:1. Moses asks the Lord "But suppose they do not believe me or listen to me, but say, 'The Lord did not appear to you.'" God promised that the leaders of Israel would listen to Moses. He said, “They will heed your voice.” When Moses made this protest, he may as well have said, “But what if you are wrong, God?” The Lord answers Moses question with another question. " What is that in your hand? A staff." That staff of Moses would part the Red Sea. It would strike a rock and see water pour forth. It would be raised over battle until Israel won. It would be called the rod of God.

Moses asked the wrong question. Moses cannot control what they decide to believe. Moses is asking what he can not control. He is already making up a hypothetical situation about others that has not even happened nor will happen. God will always point to what is at hand. There is power in a better question. You know you are growing closer to God and see the proof of progress when you have less answers but better questions.

I am so used to calling the shots that I’m no longer in charge this time. "The heart of man plans his way, but the Lord establishes his steps." Proverbs 16:9. As I get older I stop caring so much about what others think. Self doubt accumulates because you misinterpret the situation or someone else's opinion distracts you. A human opinion means NOTHING compared to a divine seal. Amen! Like so many others out there, I too, get offended quickly by others and that offense blocks my flow. Human opinion does not matter as much as you think it does. So really, what does it matter?

If you feel like you have no control and you are getting no answers, reevaluate the situation because you could be asking the wrong questions. God is in control, but does not take control unless you allow Him to. His plans are unimaginable to the human mind and we can not comprehend His faithfulness. The control freak inside me needs to remember that. My obsessing over hypotheticals or worry of the uncontrollable blocks what God is trying to tell me. Continue to ask questions, meditate on His Word and BELIEVE. Love you all!

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